Thursday, 4 July 2013

Whose Journey Is This?

Just as a quick question for those of you that are carers or friends of the traveller who is about to embark on this journey. Please remember it is their journey and not yours.
As a bystander one of the hardest things to remember is that this is not your journey. You are there to support and nurture but not to make the final decisions.
 Don't make their decisions for them!!!! Tell them about what you have learnt and let them decide what to do about it! I know you love this person and want what is best for them. That’s great, but a person with cancer has a right to know their options and make their own decisions. It is their life at stake; let them make the hard choices. 
If the person you care about wants to take a line of treatment that you don't agree with or you think another option would have a better result, you can only suggest it to them. They have already lost a degree of control when they are diagnosed; they need to follow what is true and right for them.
Don't try to guilt, bully or cajole him/her into anything that they don't or can't believe in. We all have our own belief systems and we each must choose our own path we wish to travel.
It can be heart breaking at times, especially if their choice doesn't resonate with your beliefs, but ultimately you must remember it is their life and their choice.

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