Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Power of the Mind

The other day I was talking to a lady (I'll call her Carol) about her sister-in-law from Fiji, who had recently been cleared after being diagnosed woth cancer several years ago. I asked if she would mind sharing the story and this is what she told me.
Her brother left her sister-in-law (let's call her Belinda) several years prior and she was supporting four children on her own. She was diagnosed with breast cancer (which makes sense if you read about Dr Rath's views on the emotional side of cancer). She went through the standard orthodox treatment of surgery, chemotherapy.and radiotherapy, At the end of it she was sickly looking and extremely thin. The doctors told her the cancer had spread to her bones and she needed more treatment.
Carol had been home to Fiji to visit her family and was shocked when she saw Belinda. After they'd discussed her diagnosis and the treatment required, she insisted Belinda return to Australia with her until she felt better.
Carol went and saw her brother, telling him he needed to take responsibility for their children while she took Belinda home. Naturally, he was resistant, as he also had children from his current relationship, but Carol wouldn't take no for an answer.
Once they were back in Australia, Carol took Belinda to the doctor to confirm her diagnosis. The doctor told them the cancer was running rampant within her body and the chances of her surviving six months was nil. When he said it was necessary for Belinda to do a course of radiotherapy, which would slow it down but not halt it's progress, Carol refused.
Belinda didn't understand English, so whenever they visited the doctor, she would ask Carol what he'd said. Carol told her the doctor was pleased with her progress, that the cancer was reducing and she needed to go on a special diet. She felt guilty lying to her, but she said she didn't want Belinda to give up hope.
For six months they kept her on a healthy diet and Belinda exercised regularly.
At her last appointment, the doctor was perplexed There was no sign of cancer in Belinda's body anymore. She looked healthy and her skin glowed.
Belinda is now back home with her children, she can't quite believe she looks so beautiful. Her attitude to her life without her ex husband has changed.
The mind is so powerful, whatever you give your attention to is what your body responds to. Would Belinda have been clear of cancer after six months if she hadn't been able to understand English? We'll never know.
One thing is clear though, if you are 'present' in your journey and believe you are capable of healing, while maintaining a perfect balance of food and exercise, then the chances are you are taking positive steps towards helping yourself.
There are many stories out there similar to Belinda's that I've heard over the years, but this one has left an impression on me. Belinda didn't get a die-by-date or a bad prognosis because she couldn't hear it.
When Butch was on his cancer journey, he was walking  10-15km/day, looked healthy, ate well and was looking for a new direction in his life. His oncologist told him to stop thinking he was a well man, that he was very sick indeed and he should give up his job and stay home for the rest of his days. He believed in the medical profession. It didn't matter what I said to refute what she'd said, he believed he'd been sent home to die. Within a week he was no longer walking, and as they say, the rest is history. Within six months he was gone. I wonder how he would have fared if he hadn't been able to speak English, like Belinda.
Your medical professional is one of the most important people on a cancer journey. Statistics show their attitude and belief is vital to your success. Surround yourself with people who believe in you, your success and your ability to be healthy....or move to a foreign country....