Thursday, 15 May 2014

My 'Believe' Soapbox

I believe it is my right to have access to information about good health and healing. This is not a privilege to be bestowed on me when and if it suits others who feel they are better able to make decisions for me.
Since time began, we have been 'sharers' of knowledge. Today is no different, although the method to transfer it may be more efficient and easier to access and verify.
It is up to me to filter through any information I discover about good health and discover what will benefit or decimate my life force. What suits one person may not resonate with another. We are all unique and individual and it is important we exercise our right to good health and the knowledge thereof.
To restrict or deny us the opportunity to share information, both good or bad as well as detrimental products and services, including 'ways of be-ing' would be tantamount to sentencing us to an untimely death. To refuse to disclose our truths, would be asking us to become mindless zombies, willing to accept 'all' without challenge or murmur.
Food, supplements and even medication are the door we pass through to maintain our health and subsequent nutrition. It is through our wise choices m those that resonate within our being, beliefs and our human form is what we need to follow, not the carefully edited and manipulated facts and figures of those that set out to swerve us away from what is rightfully ours - the gift of life, the gift of speech, and the most powerful gift of all, the right to choose for ourselves.
...just sayin'...

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